About us

About us

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The Company

We are healthcare company with strong commitment to improve the quality of life by offering wholistic
healthcare solutions to both local and international communities.
Medical World is duly registered with Ministry of Health (Registration number 511).
Medical world is proud of its 24hour clinic establishment at 71 Kanjokya Street, Lower Kololo; its serene
environment and ample parking space. The facility is manned by handpicked specialists in various specialties
– General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics,
ENT, Dermatology, Nutrition and Pathology.
The establishment is equipped with current style Laboratory, Digital Radiology unit (with 525MA X-ray
machine), W.H.O authorized vaccine storage system (W.H.O PQ number 52240).
Medical World has been privileged to work with United Nations in improving the lives of the unprivileged
We are GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Center Association) accredited, handling pre-departure medical
checkups of expatriates travelling to all gulf states.
communities in Central Africa through supply of quality medical consumables and sundries (Medical World United Nation Global Market number 402073).

The Team

Kampala, Uganda
+256 392 175 828

71 Kanjokya Street. Lower Kololo.